How Can I Grow Taller Faster?

Teenagers tend to be more conscious of their physical appearance, especially with their height and would ask their parents how can I grow taller faster? The truth is vertical growth doesn’t stop at an early age; you can still enhance your body’s height even if you are already a teenager or a young adult. Also, being at mid age 30 and 40, your actual height may not change but you can project yourself to appear taller. The irony is when you are old perhaps, 40 and above, you wouldn’t ask how can I grow taller faster instead you would wonder how you can look taller than your actual height.

There are different ways and simple steps to start in making yourself taller. If you feel that you would look and feel better if you were a few inches taller, you can still have the chance to improve your height. You could have done this a long time ago, but as they said it’s better late than never.

Get Enough Sleep

Several studies proved that the human body can grow if it is in a deep rested state. It is the time when the body’s cells and tissues regenerate efficiently while healing and nourishing it. Plenty and the right kind of sleep aid the body in growing vertically.

The body’s joint and cartilage contains fluids that are responsible for growing taller; the more fluid in it, the taller you can be. During day time, your body shrinks because of the gravity that compresses the skeleton and forces the fluid out of the cartilage. If you are trying to grow, you need to fight gravity and negative effects of it through getting the right sleep.

Also, sleeping allows the body to maximize the benefits of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). When you are awake, HGH is released; however it can only be used after the effects of the day’s gravity has been decompressed. When you are sleeping, the body used HGH to extend and repair bones and tissues.

On the other hand, there is a common misconception that as we grow older enough sleep is less important. Though, at adulthood, the necessary amount of sleep hours decreased, the body still needs a minimum number of sleeping hours to keep its function at the optimum level.

Generally, teenagers need 7 sleep hours while the adults are fine with 6-7 hours of peaceful and undisturbed sleep every night. Inadequate sleep can cause diseases.

Eat protein, iron, and calcium rich foods

Proper nourishment significantly affects a person’s height. Our body is a complex system; it requires a good supply of nutrients to ensure growth and proper function. If you are working on getting a few inches taller, you need to have adequate protein, iron and calcium in your system.

The above mentioned nutrients are height enhancements. Typically, when you are slim, you look taller than others. Also, firm muscles support bones which are the biggest height determinant. Loose muscles will make you look small and frail simply because the bones are not well supported.

Maintain Good Level of Human Growth Hormone

As mentioned above, HGH helps in bone growth and tissue repairs. Studies showed that there is a correlation between the level of HGH and testosterone and vertical growth among teenagers and adults. Have your doctor check your HGH levels and ask if you are safe to undergo testosterone and HGH therapies.

Before you get to mid ages, aim to become taller. The mentioned ways are simple and can be incorporated into your routines. You should not lose hope because getting a few inches in your height is easy and achievable.

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